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VRX DT5EBD Short Course Truck


EUR 165.00

DT5EBD Short Course Truck with METAL FRAME, RC-550 Electric Motor Radio 2.4ghz 1:10 RTR 4WD 
RTR model with metal frame, ready for use, four-wheel drive with slipper clutch, which not only balances the movement of the mechanical parts but completely attenuates tearing avoiding breakage.
The evolution of quality and agile and snappy performance with high-level performance showing speed and stability on the track, thanks also to its 4 big-bored shock absorbers, of superior quality to all other electric models. The new 2.4Ghz digital remote control and 2.4Ghz four-channel receiver are fitted as standard, fully cushioned, mounted on chasses (upper and lower) in excellent and resistant metal to cushion any blow, as standard a BRUSHED RC550 Turbo speed motor, 1800mAh battery from 7.2V.
High precision is the electronic speed control with 3 400A outputs which makes it quick and precise in its movements ready to reach high speeds.
Very importantly, it offers countless possibilities for trim adjustments (toe, camber, ground clearance).