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EUR 195.00

BUGGY DESERT OCTANE XL Off-Road 1/10 Brushed Electric Radio Fly Sky 2.4ghz VRX
VRX creates the "Buggy Desert Ocatne XL" ... 1/10 scale buggy with crawler characteristics. The merger generates a model that is nothing short of fantastic, a perfect mix of Speed ​​and Performance combined with maximum Reliability. The Buggy Desert has a new set-up capable of tackling winding paths, such as rocks, boulders, gravel, etc., in fact the peculiarity lies in its ability to twist. The Buggy Desert 1:10 XL off road RTR 4WD, is equipped as standard with RC-550 Turbo speed brushed motor (Brushed) combined with a 300A Esc Speed ​​Regulator with three self-programmable functions. The directional servo is waterproof, ie water resistant. As standard it has a 2.4ghz handwheel remote control and 2.4ghz waterproof receiver. The whole is powered by a 1800 mah Ni-Mh battery of 7, 2V that can be recharged with the supplied 500 mah charger.