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VRX Mega Truck Sword 1/10


EUR 295.00

Mega Truck Sword 1/10 Off-Road 2.4ghz 4WD RTR VRX radio brushless electric motor
VRX_ITALIA proposes a new model that is nothing short of exceptional. We are talking about the 1/10 scale MEGA TRUCK Sword Brushless. As soon as it was on the market, it managed to attract the attention of off-road lovers. Without limits and with great power, he goes where his mates in the same category fail to give their best. Fearless and snappy thanks to its electronics and a formidable train of wheels capable of tackling the most uneven terrain thanks to its dimensions, ie 130mm x 65mm.
The MEGA TRUCK is a professional model ideal for those who want and / or curiosity to try a new and decidedly performing car, equipped with a powerful 3300 kV brushless motor.
This is an innovative and practical electric motor, as it allows a considerable reduction in maintenance, with practically no wear compared to that of a normal brushed motor.
The motor is managed by an efficient 60A ESC (Electronic Speed ​​Control), equipped with a cooling fan and adjustable via program card (not included).
The model is supplied in the RTR version, with absolutely superior standard equipment:
2-cell lipo battery (7.4V), 3300 mAh capacity; 2S and 3S lipo battery charger with cell balancer; 2.4 GHz receiver system with integrated Fail Safe, which ensures immediate stopping of the model in the event of loss of contact between the radio and the receiver; 2.4 GHz radio.