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1:10 RC Alfa Rom. Giulia Sprint GTA M-06

Giulia Sprint GTA M-06

EUR 195.00

1:10 RC Alfa Rom. Giulia Sprint GTA M-06

This R/C model assembly kit recreates the classic Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA in racing form. The body sits atop Tamiya’s proven gearbox-driven 2WD, rear-drive M-06 chassis, which is at home on asphalt surfaces.
The M0-6 chassis platform utilizes a rear motor and rear wheel drive set-up. The layout also features a longitudinally-mounted battery with the R/C radio gear positioned on either side of the chassis. The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is paired with rear 60D Super Grip Radial tires for improved rear traction and drivability.