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EUR 95.00

Replica of a D90 off-road vehicle in a beautiful scale look with full LED lighting including indicators. The model combines good driving characteristics (fully proportional) with great technology and an ingenious look. The model is based on the original down to the smallest detail and all attachments such as windshield wipers, lighting covers, mirrors, air intakes, etc. are already included. All attachments are plugged in and do not have to be glued. A roof rack is already assembled and offers space for your own ideas such as an optional tool box, spare wheels or similar. The bonnet can be opened. Underneath is a compartment for the large 1200mAh battery. With this model you can let your imagination run wild.
Features: Fully proportional control 4WD four-wheel drive Metal chassis Splash-proof electronics Scale optics Bonnet can be opened ( battery compartment) Attachments included Battery (1200mAh) and charger included
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 350mm Width: 165mm Height: 205mm Weight: incl. battery 913g Wheelbase: 195mm Battery: 7.4V LiIon 1200mAh Battery dimensions: 71 x 36.7 x 19mm Battery weight: 83g Connection: HBX plug 3-pin charging cable USB output 800mAh Travel time: 15 - 20 minutes Charging time: 120 minutes Range: 30 - 50 meters Max. incline: 30° Top speed: approx. 15km/h SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Model transmitter 2.4GHz battery 1200mAh 7.4V Li-Ion USB charging cable with HBX connection Attachments Instructions DE/EN/IT/FR REQUIRED ACCESSORIES: 4x AA mignon batteries for the transmitter