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EUR 99.90

The Sport Car Breaker combines cool looks, sophisticated technology with a highly efficient gyro system and sufficient power for elegant drifts. Whether on the street, on the track or on the living room floor - this 1:16 scale model masters every terrain. The sensitive 2.4GHz remote control provides a very direct driving experience. The fast and powerful steering servo also ensures precise handling and the powerful 4WD drive in conjunction with the large battery (7.4V Li-Ion 1200mAh) enables long driving times at a top speed of approx. 30 - 35km/h. The integrated gyro provides support in every situation and keeps the Drift Sport Car Breaker on track. As a small addition, this model was equipped with different lighting options, which can be adjusted via the transmitter. Three different types of LED lighting can be selected, giving the front end a different, captivating look. The model was already equipped with good ball bearings, metal CVD drive shafts and a precise chassis at the factory. As a bonus, the road tires are also included. These can simply be installed instead of the mounted drift tires to show off as a pure on-road car.

Interchangeable wheels (additional street tires included) Powerful 390 motor for maximum acceleration and a top speed of approx. 30-35km/h Fully proportional control (throttle and steering sensitively controllable) Large battery for long driving times (Li-Ion 7.4V 1200mAh ) Different LED lighting modes on the front (switchable via the transmitter) and red LED light on the back USB charging cable included

Length: 300mm Width: 145mm Height: 100mm Weight: 604g Main Material : Plastic Motor: 390 size Servo: 17g high-speed servo, 5-pin ESC: 4-channel 40A all-in-one unit Battery: Li-ion 18650 7.4V 1200mAh, BEC connector, 69x37x19mm, 85g Remote control: 4 channels, 2.4GHz, 11 available frequency channels Maximum speed: 30-35km/h Travel time: approx. 12-16min Range: approx. 60-80m Charger: USB Charging time: about 140-160 minutes

Model, fully assembled Remote control 2.4GHz battery Li-Ion 18650 7.4V 1200mAh, BEC plug USB charging cable Additional road tires Operating instructions DE/EN